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Wheat-and-Dairy-Free Brownies

Wheat-and-Dairy-Free Brownies

Due to the restriction diet I can’t eat wheat or dairy, so I’m experimenting with my brownie recipe to try to make it work without.

The following seems to work reasonably:

Mix all together, bake at 200C for 25 minutes.


These were pretty good but didn’t work as well as they could have, I think partly due to my succumbing to the urge to tinker with too much at once. When I try it next I ’ll go back to the correct ratios of sugar and cocoa (2 cups sugar, 1 cup cocoa). I also feel like there wasn’t quite enough liquid in them - I didn’t want to put too much oil in because the almonds implicitly add a lot of fat, but it would maybe have benefited from a little bit more. This might also have been because the cocoa absorbs more liquid than the same amount of sugar would.