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Onion, Bacon, and Potato Pancakes

Onion, Bacon, and Potato Pancakes

One of the things I miss about not being able to eat wheat and dairy is pancakes. I'm currently experimenting with fixing this.

The main thing I've learned is that potato starch works really well as a flour substitute for this, to the point where I almost prefer it to real flour. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to make pancakes without dairy that taste normal and aren't a bit boring. The baseline is fine but a bit bland.

This was an attempt to pull the pancakes slightly in the direction of more conventional potato pancakes flavour wise. I would describe it as "worked pretty well but needs work".

Preparation steps:

Unlike my normal pancake recipe, using potato flour seems to demand a fairly well oiled pan and a much higher heat.

Things I would change next time: