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Vegan Chartreuse Hot Chocolate

Vegan Chartreuse Hot Chocolate

This is the hot chocolate I made for people over the weekend. It’s very good, and also entirely vegan despite being very good.

The following makes one mug:

  1. Fill the mug \(1/5\) of the way up with green Chartreuse
  2. Fill it the rest of the way up with Alpro Cashew Nut Milk
  3. Add two (more if it’s a big mug) squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate to a pan with some of the liquid and stir on low heat until the chocolate is melted.
  4. Add the rest of the liquid and a pinch of salt and stir until everything is mixed and at the right temperature
  5. Serve

The result is a rich, boozy, vegan hot chocolate. I’m sure it would be better with real milk than cashew milk, but cashew milk is fatty and mild flavoured enough enough and the rest of the flavours are rich enough, that unless you were told that it was vegan I’m not sure you’d notice.